How to Perform SEO on Youtube

This is a short tut to successfully perform SEO on YouTube. According to Google reports of February 2017, it shows that YouTube is the second largest used search engine. That proves that people are becoming more and more interested in visual content, especially in videos. Hence, promotion through YouTube should be done. But there is a lot of competition on YouTube, owing to its ultra big popularity. Plus, it is available in most of the countries worldwide. So, that can give you a global reach for business.

  • Is it necessary to promote on YouTube?


If you know how popular YouTube is, than there’s no doubt about it. Some big scale businesses are promoting themselves through YouTube. There are those too that have not adapted this type of marketing technique. But if you see it as one more way to appear to your customers than it becomes critically important.

  • Are YouTube ads the only way to promotion?


No, ads are not the only way to promote. You can upload your own full length videos about your business. But you have to make your video rank higher in search engine’s list in order to be found by people.

Won’t normal content work the same? No, it certainly won’t, mostly due to the presence of countless videos. But follow this guide to apply SEO to your YouTube videos and you will start gaining popularity.


4 Remarkable ways to perform SEO on YouTube


  1. TITLE


The first thing that searching eyes get to see is the title. Most of the times, users make decision whether they want to see the video or not is through the title. If your title is not relevant or interesting enough, users will just end up scrolling down to the next videos.


Adding target keywords can fix this problem. It also helps if the title closely matches what the viewer is searching for. Backlinko’s research shows that videos with exact search name receives advantage over other videos.



  1. Description & Tags

YouTube may allow 1000 words description but it only shows first 2-3 lines which makes up to 100 words. After that the viewer has to click “Show More” to see the rest of the content. Let’s be honest, your customer is there to watch the video not for the story. So, put keywords or your website’s link or both in the beginning of description.

YouTube’s official creator academy suggests that tags are not only for users but for YouTube also to know what the video is about. That way this platform reviews the way to associate your video with similar videos. But using irrelevant tags might get you penalized by Google.


  1. Category:


This is one more way to be associated with similar videos.  You can choose a considerate category through these questions:

  • What are the top creators in that category known for?
  • What are they known for?
  • What are the patterns among audiences of similar videos in that category?

  1. Thumbnail:

The thumbnail is like a signal to the viewers about the content of the video. So, it has a proficient effect on viewers. But most importantly, review your content before uploading.

But that’s not all the ways. There are still many things to take care of while performing SEO on YouTube. It’s better when you have a team of professionals like MGI Web Zone working it out for you.

Why MGI Web Zone?

MGI Web Zone is an Indian company specializing in Digital Marketing. Our staff keeps a sharp eye on the changing taste of the market. We always stay up-to-date about the changing trends of the existing platforms as well as the new platforms being introduced.

We at MGI Web Zone, have flexible mentality which helps us execute the regular things in a different manner. We will guide you in creating YouTube videos and then handle your YouTube account for you. Our methods are solely for your benefit because we believe that our growth is in your growth.


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