How to Promote Without a Website

It is the age of internet. Regardless of field technology is playing a vital role in making things work smoothly especially in the promotion world. As number of internet users is excessively high and still on the rise, internet seems to be the easiest and possibly best way to let people know about you. So, when it comes to promoting your business, promoting it online is more like mandatory now. The reason being the exposure it gives and it’s commercial too.

The usual way to promote is by making a website of your business and than making it viral. There are other ways of marketing too but most of them somehow lead to a website, one way or another.

Is it really compulsory to have a website?

A website can provide a significant break to your website. But if you are not into websites or have any other reason for not having a website, don’t worry! There are still many ways to promote your business online. Just go through this article and make efforts. It might be difficult but certainly not impossible.

4 Ways to promote business online without website 

  1. Get Listed

To begin with, get your business listed on top three local listing services that are: Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and Microsoft’s Bing. There is a very simple for each one of them to list businesses.  Basically, just go to their website and fill out a registration form followed by a snail mail or a phone call for verification. It’s that easy. Registering your business on Google Places will even show you up in Google Maps. And it is free of cost too.

  1. Multimedia 

If you don’t have a website, than make sure that you do proper efforts to be visible to customers. Advertise on multiple websites like YouTube, Pinterest, and Flickr etc. which are based on media files. Sign up on them and start uploading images and videos for everyone to see. Create some interesting relevant stuff which can be uploaded on these websites. These websites are heavily populated with potential customers. Present yourself in a professional and accurate manner and you’ll start getting business. 

  1. Networking Websites 
  • Internet’s one of the most accessed websites are Twitter and Facebook. Both of them offer a lot of ways for online business promotion. Facebook has a whole separate section to set up your shop on Facebook through which you can promote as well as sell products. Facebook has youth as well as professionals too.
  • On the other hand, twitter has paid tweets. A short and powerful message about your business can actually provide you the boost. Most businessmen are regularly active on Twitter.
  • Linked In is totally based on business leads. Survey proves that 70% B2B leads come from Linked in. You better dig what you can find in there. Start building contacts there and make small sponsorships.
  1. Contribute to relevant communities

Every niche has communities that you can get involved in. Now, there’s a practicality in doing that too. Just signing up for a forum and nudging with your business posts every now and then will just annoy people. Build your emotional bond through required regular contributions, while keeping your business away from it. It’s more useful to advertise passively by just mentioning your business in a signature at the end.


Still find it difficult?

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Why MGI Web Zone?

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