How to promote your business on Google

Google is undoubtedly the most used search engine. Thus promoting on Google deliberately becomes extremely critical. Your potential clients are probably searching for your kind of business online. So, naturally it’s essential for you to be available to supply.

Now Google promotion has two components:

  • Free Promotion: It falls under the category of organic promotion. Just get your business listed in the Google Places. But if you provide your services only through internet, then it won’t help you.
  • Paid Ads: It includes Pay per Click advertisement. Where you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.

Advantages of advertising on Google:

Basically there are three major benefits of Google Ads:

  1. Searchers are buyers: 

Every search made on Google, shows the results in the order:

  • Google Paid Ads
  • Organic Ads
  • The rest of the websites shown according to their ranking on Google.

It’s up to you where you want to be on that list when a customer comes searching for the services.

Google Ads are more effective in the way that they only show you when people actually search for your kind of services and products. Unlike any other type of advertising where you just show up, without any reason. People who are searching for goods at the moment will be your target audience. On top of that, you can aim only the local population of a specific area through Google Ads.

  1. Pay only when someone clicks: 

Google Ads are based on the pay-per-click marketing model. So, you are visible for free and pay only if your ad works. As a result, you can bid on the keywords through which you want to be found and set your budget on daily basis accordingly.

  1. Advanced Tracking Ability: 

You can track the amount of people:

  • Saw your ad
  • Clicked on your ad
  • Took action once landed on your website.

Hence, necessary adjustments become understandable and easy. All this power gets handed over to you owing to Google Adwords.

Determining, if your ad will show up in the results: 

This is done through the three step process:

  • Bid: The amount of money you are ready to pay per each click. . You are competing against every other business that wants the same keyword. Therefore choose your keywords smartly on which you think will bring you business. Bid higher on the more relevant keywords instead of bidding the same on each keyword.
  • Quality & Relevance: Your ad must be relevant to the search being made so as to be present in the results. It won’t be profitable and be senseless to choose a keyword that shows you up when the search is made for something that is not relatable to you. Additional to that, add those keywords in your content too or you’ll be just playing away your budget.
  • Perfect Landing: Finally, it’s turn for you to take care of the customers. Google Ads sent traffic to your website, now you have to welcome them in a proper manner with the content you promised in your ad itself. Your customers don’t want to be fancied with any of the funky stuff that you can provide. So, provide them the required and demanded services and products.

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