Why SEO is important for business?

SEO is neither a job for which you need to hire a candidate nor a product that needs to be bought but it’s an investment. SEO is quite a misunderstand term. Research shows that many genuinely valuable companies have run out of business due to lack of proper SEO. Nobody wants to be in that list. So, we hope this article helps you in becoming the best website of 2017.

So, Search Engine Optimization is basically Google’s criteria for measuring efficiency of websites. The more efficient content your web pages offer, the better it ranks on Google. That means that if you rank 1 in your category than your website will appear on top in results.


  • Ever wondered why is there a need for SEO?

Modern internet is full of websites. A loosely deep thought on this will make you realize that your website can get lost in this ocean. So, how do you stand a chance to rise above in this food chain? While there are similar businesses already established, as well as new startups. This is where SEO comes in. It filters website through by giving them ranks and then display it in relevant searches. In order to get a good rank you need to polish your webpage’s content.

  • Why should I invest in SEO?


  • SEO proves that you are making extra efforts to make things work.
  • Because your competitors are investing in it.
  • Your customers are relying on what others have to say about your firm.
  • Your good rank on SEO tells how well you fix queries.
  • It makes your website more attractive and gives you a better idea of how to maintain a website.
  • Gives you a reason to keep your website alive. If you don’t update content from time to time then your rank drops.
  • SEO brings useful leads towards your website.


How SEO works?

SEO focuses on strategies, practices and actions that improve your website’s position in search engines. There are two types of SEO:

  • On-Page: It includes efforts made by you, such as site speed, keyword presence etc. to improve your website’s ranking.
  • Off-Page: Generally includes your website’s link on other websites.

It’s not just a monetary investment but it demands time also to gain knowledge and successfully implement SEO. If the collective power of On-Page and Off-Page SEO is effective with regards to even a single query, you’ll rank #1.


You might be wondering “Why should I invest in SEO? I’ll put genuine content on my web pages.” This type of thinking will get you nowhere. Blatantly uploading tons of words of information may scare away the user. So, you need to make your data look attractive. It should be easy on the eyes as well as easy on the mind also. To begin with insert interesting headings, informative pictures, less words more factual content. Data related to market based content is even more helpful.

Can SEO help me?

SEO helps to market your business online. It’s like having your advertisement being displayed at times square. A lot of audience will see it but only the relevant ones will approach you through SEO. Google will bring more traffic to your website and chances are most of them will become your customers.

  • What if it’s a small business? Will it still help me?
  • Online marketing is a big source of popularity for small business as they don’t have that many funds to approach other costly methods.
  • The absolute push that might make you a mainstream business.
  • Now-a-days people search everything online. So, websites are a strong way to become the apple of the eye of customers.
  • SEO helps your website appear more and more. Frequency builds trust.
  • Online marketing doesn’t require many resources. So, it’ easier to compete with big firms. But without SEO it is not possible.



There are a lot of firms that specialize in this field. You can hire them as this field is becoming a mainstream business.  Proper research about the firm prior to hiring them is necessary because they all have their line of expertise own prices as well. If you plan on doing it yourself, here’s a simple guide for that:

  • Research & Analysis: Research is always important before taking any step. This time analyzing SEO methods of competitors as well as other websites which have good SEO ranks might be helpful. You can learn from others and implement it to your method with a few modifications.
  • Keywords: Make a list of the keywords which are the highlight of your webpage’s content. Give proper emphasis on those keywords because that will help search engines bring useful leads to your website.
  • Speed & Site Performance: While performing a search, users can be impatient. Make sure your web pages don’t contain anything that takes too long to load.
  • Marketing: If other sites contain link to your website than it improves your ranking. Have links of others website as well.

SEO at MGI Web Zone

These are some basic useful steps which can help you clear the fog a little bit. If you are in the need to hire someone which has their roots thoroughly settled in this line than you can avail the services at MGI Web Zone. We are an Indian digital marketing company, determined to improve the online business. With many years of experience we have built an expertise in SEO to help our customers in the best way possible.

Why MGI Web Zone?

Along the years since our beginning, we have always focused on being honest to our customers in order to gain their loyalty which in turn has earned us the tag of legitimacy. At MGI Web Zone, we make sure that our clients feel reliable and comfortable for choosing us by providing hassle free top notch service. We keep an eagle sharp eye on the aim to remain the best SEO agency out there.

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