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    A holistic virtual classroom solution for Online Classes with our software

    The modernization has touched almost every field and teaching has not remained spared. To assist the arising trend of online teaching, MgiWebzone has come up with virtual teaching software designed with the blend of innovation and tech to let the online tutors experience perfect online teaching experience. The foundation of our success as an organization is the intelligibility of our dream of what we would want to do or accomplish in the long-term future. This has acted as our guiding light in the chart of our possible path map.

    MgiWebzone is a pioneer and now we have jumped into providing the best online teaching software. Our team is equipped with the sources to cater your impeccable online teaching experience. With our online training software, get complete online classes solution. Arrange virtual classes, online lectures, live group classes, or individual sessions, all with our online teaching software.

    Our online classroom solutions are designed to cater your needs. The virtual classroom software is equipped with live video, clear audio output, interactive chats, document sharing, and may more. Our software provides the finest experience for both online trainers as well as to the trainees.

    What is the benefits of taking your coaching institute online

    There are various reasons one can go for the virtual classroom and the possible potential benefits are listed below-


    Personalized Learning

    A student can get individual class and can learn at their convenience..


    Enhanced collaboration

    The trainee and trainer can have a better collaboration on having one-on-one interaction.



    The cost slays down when it comes to online learning. It cuts additional costs.


    Expanded world view

    Online classrooms give students and teachers worldwide exposure by sitting at home.


    Real-time teaching

    The online classroom is live and virtual and the teacher gives real-time solutions.


    Flexible Learning

    Being online, the teaching is flexible as you can amend as per your convenience.



    You have a chance to explore a wide range of courses and programs.


    Eliminates barriers

    Virtual learning eliminates the barriers of travel, location, and time. Students need the internet only.

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    Sneak peek into why we are choicest among people.

    The cutting-edge software provides a perfect and comprehensive set of tools required for virtual classroom solutions. Dive into potential advantages of it-


    Video Portal

    Take numerous students into your learning lessons and expand your business in the fastest way it is possible. Securely host your video lectures and share control with only who you want.

    In today's modern world, immersive entertainment content draws the most pupils. Securing and delivering this material is one of the biggest obstacles confronting innovative tutors today. We let them travel the road sans hassle.

    Online Test Portal

    It is now possible to run online testing without needing to manually search! Give your students ample experience to use our online evaluation platform on your smartphone app and the web server. Automatic scanning of your entire query documents.

    For all the tests going live, it's time for you to put all the queries on the online platform so that the students can do it at any time and wherever, so you will get feedback on how your class is performing in your classes.


    Your Coaching’s Mobile App

    One unified mobile device called after the coaching center. Digitize all the learning practices across the website and give the pupils, their guardians, and the interaction they deserve!

    Run all your classroom activities, share academic content, and parent interactions using coaching’s mobile app. Launch Playstore to download app.

    Your Own Online Education Store

    Explore wide options such as monetize your courses, videos, notes, and tests, etc. via online learning app. Store is an umbrella app proffering tutors, coaches, and online educators with many features.



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    Wide Range of Online Marketing Services

    There are multiple utilities for a coaching institute. Our mission is to make each one of them possible through one single platform. Take a quick look at how we help institutes of all sizes grow bigger, grow faster!


    Smart Attendance

    Keep parents updated with live attendance and monthly reports.


    Insighful Student Reports

    Keep parents updated with live attendance and monthly reports.


    Parent Communication

    Keep parents updated with live attendance and monthly reports.


    Fee Records

    Keep parents updated with live attendance and monthly reports.


    Create Online Courses

    Keep parents updated with live attendance and monthly reports.


    Secured Video Selling

    Keep parents updated with live attendance and monthly reports.


    Online Test

    Keep parents updated with live attendance and monthly reports.


    Class Management

    Keep parents updated with live attendance and monthly reports.

    Why dart on us for your virtual classrooms solutions ?

    Innovation and Technology

    Blending technology and innovation, our team has designed online classes solution software that quenches the thirst of your virtual classroom needs. The online training software is jam-packed with all the necessary features required for virtual online classes. Our technical team has been known for their outstanding contributions to all initiatives till date.

    Round the clock availability

    We are happy to help you. Whenever you need assistance, contact us. Our team is available 24X7 to answer your queries and solve issues arisen. We believe that a responsive and customer-centric organization is indeed the right one for a customer. We do the painstaking task by heart.

    We are experts

    Over the years, our team has excelled their skills to an outstanding degree that leaves our clients satisfied with us today. We assume that the hands of experts often offer importance to the satisfaction and happiness of the customer.

    Deliver Business Solutions

    We use technology to provide market innovations that allow new technologies, increase the productivity of your work, and help you connect more effectively. Quality is the cornerstone of our work. We respect your brand, and that's why we make your company work.

    Affordable Solutions

    We understand when it comes to price; one may feel apprehensive regarding prices. We provide affordable online teaching software in India and till now many tutors have taken advantage of it. Our software has satiated our clientele and their expectations.

    Unparalleled Service

    We offer software with unparalleled features and many of the institutes, coaches and tutors have taken advantage of it. You will find professional engineering in the software. Whatever we do and offer we strive to cater a perfect service to you; be it software. You will observe the same in this online teaching software.

    Best Virtual Classroom Software
    for all Academic Institutes

    We have the best software for online teaching that assists the tutors and others to give smooth online classes. To make online class solutions easy, we cater our software to the following people.


    For Individuals 

    This e-learning online training software is ideal for individual tutors and coaches taking online classes. You can securely host your live class, video, and share the documents and files with students. Grow your presence globally.


    For Coaching Institutes  

    Reach out to numerous students nationally or internationally by sitting at your place by organizing virtual classes. The platform is a secure and reliable source to use. The student database remains safe and confidential.


    For Academic Institutes

    School, College and Universities can take advantage of this virtual classroom software to teach online. It is good to teach students online with a secured platform that facilitates you with various advantageous features. Teach students trouble-free.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is virtual classroom?

    A virtual classroom is an online platform that allows for live contact between the teacher and the learner as they engage in learning activities. In other terms, a virtual classroom is a collaborative electronic environment where learners and tutors function together concurrently.

    How the software will be of advantage?

    The software for online teaching is equipped with all the necessary features required for smooth live teaching.

    How do you guarantee product quality?

    We evaluate the things before we offer. The software is tested and screened thoroughly.

    Is MgiWebzone a trusted company?

    MgiWebZone is a top-notch and leading digital marketing company that has catered the needs of numerous customers till now with a proven record of successful projects and happy faces.