How to promote business on Facebook

Over the years, Facebook has established its roots not only in the tech world but in digital marketing world also. It is no longer just another social networking site. It’s colossal of active users has turned it into a pool of opportunities. From big scale well known conglomerates to the rising startups, everybody can find space for them to grow. Facebook promotion has already become a vital point in marketing even before 2017.

Why should I promote on Facebook?

  • Because it is “The Thing”.
  • How much you do well on FB, will be a part of how successful you are.
  • Your competitor is doing it. If you don’t do FB promotion, you are simply handing your customers to your rival on a silver platter.
  • Will it help me?

                    Now you’re probably thinking “With so many MNC’s already in the game, will my establishment survive?” The answer is always uncertain as it depends on how well you’ve created your public image and the kind of efforts made to promote.

    • Does Facebook have audience for my business type?


    Facebook has over 1.8 Billion users approximately. If you’ve customers outside Facebook, then there are fewer chances that yours will starve. Given that you have to take appropriate steps.


    • My business has few customers, can Facebook help me?


    Facebook can be used to grow your reach enormously. People are looking for the products/services that they need. You can use your existing customers to get new customers through FB.


    How do I promote my firm on Facebook?

    So, getting to the point, there are multiple ways to advertise your trade on FB. You can either choose some of them or all of them. The one more thing that makes FB so popular in the digital marketing world is the fact that it has a lot of in-built features for selling and publicizing products. Most of the features are free.

    4 Ways of Facebook promotion


    1. Get Started


    Begin with making some plans about your target audience and goals. You must choose whom to attract before jumping in. Premature efforts usually don’t end well. You should have a clear idea about your regulars and then pursue them. In your planning phase, include deciding the budget according to your goal the amount of audience.


    1. Choose Format


    There are many forms of content that can be used for promotion. Some of them are:

    • Written
    • Image
    • Videos

    Image posts have further types like: Single image posts, slideshows and GIF images. This is better understood once you’ve gone through the FB Ads guide.

    1. Choose a placement

    Other social networking platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp are owned by Facebook. Therefore, the content for FB promotion can also be used for endorsing on these social giants. They are also heavily inhabited with active users.

    1. Maintain & Measure


    Once you’ve been through the Ads Guide of FB and have executed it, now it’s time to measure its reach. It is not like just create the ad and it’ll cultivate automatically. Ads are like seeds that you sow in the soil. You have to keep nurturing it even when it has grown into a plant. Keep an eagle eye on the ad results and make changes accordingly. Go to Ads Manager on FB for a detailed version on this.

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