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MgiWebzone offers a free seo analysis of your website, this will help you determine how successful is your website in drawing visitors and generating leads. This free seo report provides a review of the critical factors such as On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO and Social Media activities that influence the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and usability of your website. It also provides actionable advice to improve a site's business objectives as well as website's visibility of SERPs.

What is website SEO analysis?

Is your website suffering from low rankings and poor traffic? Are you struggling to find the cause? Here at MgiWebzone, we will help you by checking and evaluating your site's health. Before you invest in an expensive SEO package, you must find out whether your site is optimized and ready for it. Our free website analysis will reveal some critical information related to your website's SEO health. We will explore aspects such as on-page, off-page, backlink profile, website speed, security, and social media presence.

We use the best SEO checker to create a comprehensive SEO analysis report. Our FREE SEO ANALYSIS will not only help you find critical information about your site, but it will also assist you in making well-informed decisions. In our report, you will see the significant obstacles that are standing in your way of success. Once you hire us for your website's SEO, we will remove these barriers one by one and achieve your goals.

What is the importance of SEO website analysis?

Wondering why you need our FREE SEO analysis? If you want a clear picture or how your site is currently performing in the search engines, MgiWebzone will help you by providing all the necessary details. We will also highlight the problem areas that require particular attention. Our website traffic analysis report will tell you how many people are visiting your site every day and how many are adding to your bounce rate.

Through our Free Google SEO analysis, we want to give you a glimpse into your site's current performance, and its real potential. If you think your website can achieve better results, we will show you how! With our Free SEO checker, you can find the relevant information to come up with winning strategies. However, you need experts such as MgiWebzone to do a thorough job to find accurate data. We use some of the best tools in the market to conduct the free SEO analysis.

Benefits of free website analysis from Mgiwebzone

Are your competitors doing better than you? With the help of our free competitor website analysis, you can now find out why! Understanding what your competitors are doing right is crucial to devising the best strategies that will help you beat them. If you want to win the race and garner the most attention from your target audience, our Free SEO Analyzer will show you where you need to improve.
Our free website SEO audit can help you:

Find out about your site's current status in the search engines

Discover the problem areas that are resisting improvements

Understand what you need to change to get better results

Devise better strategies to reach your objectives

Discard tactics that are not producing the desired results

Website SEO analysis is not a one-time task. You need to keep doing it to understand how your site is performing as the search engine keeps evolving. You need to keep up with all the updates and changes in the search algorithms. We use the best SEO audit tool to give you continuous and accurate information. Once you hire us, we will regularly monitor your site and provide you with regular updates.

What to do to get the best free seo report?

Things to get in the free website seo report card.

  • Content Optimization
    a) Title check
    b) Description check
    c) Google preview
    d) H1-H6 check
    e) Content check
  • Search Optimization
    a) Domain registration
    b) Domain Expiration
    c) Canonical link check
    d) Alternate link check
    e) Pagination
    f) Indexing check: (Google indexing, Bing indexing)
    g) URL vulnerability
    h) Bot check: Robots.text check
    i) Sitemap.xml check
    j) Sitemap validity
    k) Structured data markup usage check
    l) Google analytics integration check
  • Backlink Analysis
    a) Number of live backlinks
    b) Number of historical backlinks
    c) External links check
    d) Internal links check
    e) Subdomain links
    f) Number of dofollow links
    g) Number of nofollow links
    h) 404 links - Broken links check
    i) Number of redirect links
    j) Number of 302 link - temporary redirects
    k) Number of 301 link - permanent redirects
  • Website Speed Optimization
    a) Mobile preview
    b) Mobile loading time check
    c) Mobile viewport
    d) Google page speed score
    e) Desktop speed score
    f) Mobile speed score
    g) Javascript and CSS check
    h) Compression check
    i) HTML check
    j) AMP usage check
    k) SSL secure
    l) Overall suggestion on increasing website speed
  • Moz website SEO metrics
    a) Domain authority
    b) Page authority
    c) Linking domains
    f) keywords cloud
    g) keywords consistency
    h) Spam score
  • Image Optimization
    a) Image ALT tags check
    b) Favicon check
  • Ahrefs website SEO metrics
    a) Ahrefs ranking
    b) Domain rating
    c) UR rating
    d) Organic keywords
    e) Organic traffic
    f) Referring domains
    g) Live Referring domains
    h) Historical Referring domains
    i) Referring pages
    j) Referring IPs
    k) Referring subnets
  • Majestic website SEO metrics
    a) Trust flow
    b) Citation flow
  • Alexa website SEO metrics
    a) Alexa ranking
    b) Global rank
    c) Country Rank
    d) Country-based percentage of visitors
    e) Audience Demographics
    f) Percentage of Male and Female visitors
    g) Age of visitors
    h) Bounce rate
    i) Daily page views
    j) Daily time on site
  • Social Media Optimization
    a) Number of existing social media profiles
    b) The score of social media engagement
    c) Overall suggestion on better social media optimization

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