PPC Packages

Deliverables Basic Standard Professional
Adbudget Upto $2000 Per Month $2000-$4000 Per Month $5000 & above Per Month
Minimum Duration 3 months 3 months 3 months
Ad Networks (Google Adwords/Facebook/Bing) Any 1 Network Any 2 Network Google,FB, and Bing
Monthly Fee Min $300 or 15% of Monthly Spending whichever is high Min $500 or 12% of Monthly Spending whichever is high Min $750 or 10% of Monthly Spending whichever is high
Campaign Set-up
No. of Keywords 100 200 350
Text Ads Right Right Right
Banner Ads Wrong 1 Set 2 Set
Landing Page Selection Right Right Right
GEO Targeting Setup Right Right Right
Setup Conversion Code Right Right Right
Campaign Management
Competitor Analysis Wrong Right Right
Keyword Optimization Right Right Right
Ad Copy Optimization Right Right Right
Keyword Bid Optimization  Right  Right Right
Landing Page Optimization Right Right Right
Landing page design Wrong Wrong Right
CTR Analysis Wrong Wrong Right
Keyword Refinements (if required) Right Right Right
Bid Refinements (if required)  Right Right Right
Analytics Setup
Google Analytics Setup Right Right Right
Google Adwords Conversion Setup Wrong Wrong Right
Reporting and Support
Reporting Weekly Weekly Daily
Advanced Reports Wrong Wrong Right
Dedicated Account Manager Wrong Right Right
24/7 Live Project Tracking Right Right Right
Telephone Call Support Right Right Right
Email Support Right Right Right


PPC Packages – Enhance Your Audience Visibility With Innovative Packages

Pay Per Click or PPC is the advance internet advertising model that is used for directing the website traffic. PPC is also called as Cost Per Click or CPC, in which the advertiser would pay the publisher when particular Ad is clicked.

Pay Per Click techniques let the user create the advertisements and bid on many phrases based on the ads. Advertisements appear both below and above non-paid organic search results. Normally, higher bids for advertisements have better chance to attain the number one position. Search engine gets paid every time when the user clicks the advertisement.

To improve your search engine ranking via PPC, MgiWebzone brings you the convenient Affordable PPC Packages with better features. Below are the PPC Packages that help your advertisement to attain more audience reach.

Basic PPC Package:

Pay Per Click advertising generates high traffic instantly for expanding your online business presence. MgiWebzone offers the best Cheap PPC Packages right away that helps you to attain the top placement with potential customer gain in business.

Since PPC advertising techniques are fast, many systems are available that includes Google AdWords to generate much more traffic to the website within few minutes. Get more features of the Basic PPC Package such as Text Ads, Landing Page Selection, GEO Targeting Setup, Setup Conversion Code, Ad Copy Optimization, Keyword Bid Optimization and much more efficiently.

  • Ad budget – Up to $2000 per Month
  • Minimum Duration – 3 months
  • Ad Networks – Google Adwords/Facebook/Bing (Any 1 Network)
  • Monthly Fee – Minimum $300 or 15% of Monthly spending (whichever is high)

24/7 Live Project Tracking, Telephone Call Support, and Email Support are also offered to the clients that enable you to optimize your website accordingly.

Standard PPC Package:

PPC advertising techniques are quite advanced techniques in the organic search engine marketing along with another type of advertisement techniques. MgiWebzone team of professionals helps you to adjust the pay per click campaigns for increasing the stability of the service with a wide number of features. PPC Management Packages offers the unmatched ability for adjusting the market condition along with the changing customer’s interest or preference.

  • Adbudget – $2000 to $4000 Per Month
  • Minimum Duration – 3 months
  • Ad Networks – Any 2 Network (Google Adwords/Facebook/Bing)
  • Monthly Fee – Min $500 or 12% of Monthly Spending (whichever is high)

Standard PPC Package brings you a great option for generating the high targeted traffic for the website based on the fraction and other types of the paid advertising techniques.

Professional PPC Package:

When you are looking for the short-term campaign for your product, service or any other special business techniques, Pay Per Click Packages lets you to easily enable the complete way of generating the buzz online.

  • Adbudget – $5000 & above Per Month
  • Minimum Duration – 3 months
  • Ad Networks – Google, FB, and Bing
  • Monthly Fee – Min $750 or 10% of Monthly Spending (whichever is higher)

Why choose us?

MgiWebzone knows that the online marketing success normally begins with the comprehensive understanding of marketing goals and needs. Pay Per Click Packages India provides you the vast opportunities for every business to easily thrive with high-end Digital marketing techniques.

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