How to sell products on Facebook

This is a small tour towards how you can sell your products on the ultra popular Facebook. A lot of people don’t know that FB offers a lot of features for business expansion. Undoubtedly Facebook is one of the most populated website. With over a billion users and still growing, FB can give your business just the kind of exposure that you want.

Another benefit of selling products on FB is that it is mobile friendly. Users can access Facebook on their phones through their online website as well as their official app. So, your customers can get their hands on your products without any hassle.

Getting to the point here is a list of 3 ways by which you can sell your products on Facebook:

STEP 1: Create your Facebook page

To sell your products on FB, you need to first set up an FB store which is possible only after you’ve created a page on FB. On top of that, there are other benefits of creating a page on FB:

  • Your clients can like and follow your page. Than your page will appear in their feed through which others can also know about your products.
  • Keep your customers notified about new products and other news.
  • A nice way to engage your customers.

STEP 2: Become familiar with all your options

FB is the sole website that provides a complete package of in-app shopping experience through the fully integrated online shop. This is what you can do:

  • Put your products online and connect a payment processor directly to FB store for free.
  • Or you can use a paid or free of cost E-commerce platform that does this for you. Additionally, you can use that platform to sell products on other online platforms such as your own website or any other social networking sites or blogs.


If you are thinking of doing it yourself, than you should know that it is very time consuming. It’s not difficult and it’s free also. Facebook even provides a step by step guide for it. You can upload your products and choose either PayPal or Stripe for payments.


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